Committed to a vocation:

Supporting our clients, Business Leaders, in making their projects a success

Although our core business is built around regulatory compliance, filing declarations and relationships with the Authorities, our aim is to convince our clients that our ability to organise, monitor, understand and clearly explain information and ensure that it is reliable can allow them to more objectively assess the outcomes of their actions and therefore make their projects more successful.


You are drowning in the density and complexity of the administrative and regulatory burdens placed on your business. You are afraid that you will not properly comply with your legal, tax and social security obligations and will miss deadlines.

You want to be sure that you have made the right choices in terms of your legal structure, tax and security regimes and the presentation of your results.

You would like your accounting function to act more as a business tool rather than simply as a means of determining your tax base.

You sometimes feel a little isolated and dream of having someone available and close at hand to provide you with information relevant to the decisions you need to take and with whom to discuss your current and future positions.

We have chosen this profession to enable you to take your mind off these often worrying obligations and to support you in making your projects a success.

That is how we view our role as Accountant.

Statutory Auditor

A Statutory Auditor is required to certify your accounts by virtue of your business’s legal structure or in the event that you exceed certain thresholds.

To our mind, this legal obligation should offer an opportunity to make improvements at the company: internal improvements through an analysis of structures and procedures, and external improvements through the credibility of the information provided to third parties.

The action we take is always as constructive as it is censorial and aims to take account of the reality of the issues faced by the business, and to make recommendations that will help the business to grow.

Our work provides you with financial information that is guaranteed to be reliable and relevant and an optimised structure in terms of internal controls.

Our audit teams carry out their duties in strict compliance with the professional rules set out in the Code of Conduct for Statutory Auditors published by decree and via the opinions of the H3C (the supervisory body for auditors in France).

Accordingly, pursuant to Article R823-21 of the French Commercial Code, the firm can provide you with its transparency report, updated in 2017.


Accurate payroll processing is a key aspect of the relationship between employer and employees and of balancing the company’s budget.

We are today living through a time in which systems are becoming increasingly automated, employment rules are proliferating and becoming more diverse as a result of collective bargaining agreements, which are modelled using sophisticated algorithms, and reporting obligations are becoming more and more demanding, with DSN (electronic reporting for employers) and soon Withholding at Source adding to previous systems.

Today, payslips are the documents that summarise all choices and all general and specific rules that apply to the business and its business sector. A comprehensive understanding of payslips is critical.

We consider that knowledge of the rules in this area, together with know-how and experience are key factors in understanding the mechanisms, applying the relevant rules, making the right choices and supporting management.

We have developed our payroll service with these factors in mind.

In addition to payslips, we are able to provide support in all areas of employment law and also with incentive schemes, discretionary and mandatory profit-sharing arrangements, and immediate or deferred remuneration.

The know-how of our specialist Department and the tools that we have selected enable us to offer you a high-quality service and to meet all your needs.


In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, in which people can no longer remain isolated or act alone, our experience as business advisers, our own backgrounds as Directors and Managers, in addition to our specific training and expertise, our openness and our curiosity that led to us to choose this profession, and our diligence acquired through mastering the auditing profession, mean that we are able to provide effective answers to any advisory needs you might have.

The multi-disciplinary network and specialist expertise that we have built up enables us to take a broad view of the issues you face, regardless of the circumstances.

We believe that different points of view make the search for a solution more rewarding and we are passionate about this profession that we have chosen to support you in your success.